IPX Waterproof Assembly 

Regulus offers IPx waterproof assembly solutions for the wide range of finished products and sub-assemblies. 

Waterproof assembly requires a selection of proper materials, processes and equipement.


All our assemblies are performed automatically with a use of dispensing machines (ex. Dispenser Tech DT-300F), that enables to achieve 99% quality yeild rate. 


High-skilled personnel is also an important factor to manufacture liquid-tight and air-tight products. For every specific task we conduct multiple training and elaborate various labor-error-eliminating jigs and tools. 

Process autautomation is a key aspect for IPx waterproof manufacturing. In addition to dispensing processes, we also maximize automative processing for other stages, such as soldering and waterproof testing. We developed a vacuum testing tool, that enabled us to examine products' waterpoof properties in "dry" conditions. This tool is an addition to the "wet" testing of the assemblies to examine its waterproof properties, where they are placed and tested inside water containers.

Here we are offering a series of videos, where on a given example (a front cover for the IP67-grade communication device) we display every stage of the automated IPx assembly process, including:

- automated gluing/dispensing 

- glass/speaker/keypad installation

- glass/speaker/keypad secondary gluing/dispensing 

- speaker fixing/soldering 

- waterproof testing for liquid-tightness of the finished assembly

An IP code consists of the IP identification and two digits that describes the level of protection.

– The first two letters “IP” indicates that it is an IP code
– The first digit represents the level of protection against solid particles such as dust
– The second digit describes the level of protection against liquids such as water

IP first digit.PNG