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Technical Information

Regulus works toward providing newest technologies and precision manufacture facilities for meeting all of your expectations. For choosing suitable production method of your product, please refer to pages “Technologies”.

Material Application for Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication services is the core of our business, and is a process we take seriously. We work on small, large, and heavy components. Our team of experts provide over a dozen metal fabrication services, from precise CNC machining to MIM, die-casting, and so much more. We work with a large variety of metals and raw material forms.

Fastener Type

The fastener-type represents a versatile system that utilizes a variety of metal fasteners such as wings, caps and acorns, which can be screwed down to the mounting surface.

Selection of Plating & Coating processes

We provide a wide selection of products of processing: chemical conversion,electroplating, electroless plating, anodic oxidation,vacuum plating,surface coloring and decorative treatment. All this and much more we will follow in the shortest possible time with maximum quality. 

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