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SMT Assembly Equipment

Regulus is capable of providing turn-key printed circuit board assembly services. We can take care of the entire process, including manufacturing of printed circuit boards, procurement of components (original or substitutes), detailed visual assembly inspection, cleaning, functional testing and final assembly.

Our SMT Assembly lines can produce either RoHS compliant lead-free assemblies or tin-lead solder. Our circuit boards are assembled with exceptional quality, utilizing the latest technology in surface mount equipment.

SMT Assembly Equipment

1) SMT High-Speed Mounter

    a. SONY G-200 @3 lines

    b. SONY E-1000 @1 line

    c. SONY E-1100 @2 lines

    d. JUKI 2050L @1 line

    e. JUKI 2050 @2 lines

    f.  JUKI 2060+Auto Try @3 lines
2) ETC 8 Zone Reflow Oven @3 lines, 12 Zone Reflow Oven @1 line

3) Gerber Converter Software @1 set

4) Automatic Solder Paste Printer @3 sets

5) Solder Paste Mixer @2 sets

6) DIP Assembly + Wave Soldering @2 lines

7) De-paneling Machine @1 set


Equipment for Testing, Tuning and Debugging:
1) Spectrum-analyzers (2.6Ghz~8.5Ghz) @5 sets

2) Signal Generators @5 sets
3) RF Shielded Enclosures @2 rooms

4) Digital Oscilloscope @6 sets

5) Burn-In Chamber @2 rooms

6) Automated Optical Inspection Equipment @1 set

Equipment for Box-build Assembly:
1) Two-Component (2K) Adhesive Dispenser @1 set

2) Touch Up, Box-build Assembly @4 lines

3) Liquid Dispenser @3 sets
4) 20K Hz Ultrasonic Bonding & Laminating Machine @1 set
5) Cleanroom @2 rooms

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