Radio Communication (DMR radio)

Here are some examples of projects we have sucessfully completed and are currently manufacturing and providing products' life-cycle support (such as, moulds' maintenance and engineering change; market demand-driven upgrades and modifications and etc.)

Professional portable TETRA trunking radio transceiver

  • 350~370/ 370~400/ 400~430/ 450~470/ 806~869MHz frequency range

  • TETRA; built-in GPS positioning

  • Simplex and duplex modes communication

  • Large high visibility colour LCD screen

  • Side and bottom mounted accessory connectors

  • Dedicated emergency call button with programmable call destination and 
    GPS location.

  • End to End and Air interface encryption supported

  • Multiple languages support

  • High quality audio

  • Fully integrated high-accuracy GPS module and built-in antenna

  • Customisable intuitive menu navigation

  • Co-worker location GPS feature

  • Dedicated keys for loudspeaker muting, changing mode (TMO to DMO), 
    making a priority call or making a dispatcher call

  • Built-in battery charger

Digital radio transceiver with MIL-STD-810 & IP67 certified

  • 30~88MHz frequency range


  • Full civilian CTCSS squelch functionality

  • Designed, qualified and field proven in operation, particularly in harshest 

  • Compatible with existing fixed frequency VHF military transceivers 
    (in clear analog mode)

  • Compact, lightweight, and offering full functionality suitable for extreme 
    combat conditions

  • Complaint with MIL-STD 810C, D, E, and F Environmental Test: Shock,
    Transit drop, immersion, High Temperature, Low Temperature and salt fog

  • Built in data modem, - offers many advanced modes specifically for 
    military users

  • A large family of accessories and peripheral equipment

Professional DPS (Digital Signal Processing) technology mobile analog radio communication transceiver:

  • Multimode capability - PMR and MPT trunked, P25 conventional & trunked.

  • Single unit construction with integral loudspeaker.

  • Choice of 25 or 40/50 Watt RF output.

  • Multi colour LCD backlighting, indicates RX/TX/Receiving signal modes.

  • 1,000 channel capability – 64 zones of 16 channels (P25)

  • 66 to 500 MHz in various banded versions.

  • Built-in modem offers data capability.

  • Range of option board – GPS, 600Ohm, Encryption.

  • Programmable function buttons

  • 12 digit numeric keypad

Ruggedised triple mode PMR、FM、MPT radio transceiver:

  • 2400/1200 baud FFSK Singnalling

  • CTCSS and DCS

  • Voting and Scanning

  • Simple Voice Scrambler

  • Extremely flexible Selcall Singnalling

  • DTMF Signalling

  • MPT1327, MPT1343 and ANN

  • Choice of 1800 or 3,000 mAh battery

  • 1000 channel capability

  • Full CE and EIA performance compliance

  • Multimode capability – PMR, TMR, P25 conventional & P25 trunked

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