Optical Functional Solutions

To meet the different application and demand, we offer more and more solution by new creation on both the top coating

and the base substrate on development to the display related material, like:

PMMA (Acrylic), PC (Polycarbonate), Compound, and Glass

Best skin for: 
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EMI Coating
EMI Coating

Electromagnetic Interference 抗電磁波鍍膜

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Functional Coating

■ Methods:

1. Anti-UV ; 抗UV
2. Anti Blue Ray ; 抗藍光
3. IR reflective ; 紅外線反射
4. IC carrier (PBGA); IC載板

5. Anti-Reflection (AR) ; 抗反射膜或增透膜
6. Anti-glare (AG) ; 防眩光
7. Anti-fingerprint (AF) ; 防指纹 = Anti-smudge (AS) ; 防污
8. Anti-fogging ; 防雾

Anti-Reflection (AR)
Anti-Reflection (AR)


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Optical Film Coating

■ Methods:

1. High Transparency ; 高穿透

2. Super Hard Coating ; 表面超硬

3. Anti-UV ; 抗UV
4. Anti Blue Ray ; 抗藍光
5. IR reflective ; 紅外線反射
6. IC carrier (PBGA); IC載板

7. Anti-Reflection (AR) ; 抗反射膜或增透膜

8. Anti-glare (AG) ; 防眩光

9. Anti-fingerprint (AF) ; 防指纹 = Anti-smudge (AS) ; 防污

10. Anti-fogging ; 防雾

■ Benefits:
1. High transmittance:highest 99%
2. Reduce the environment influence to monitor screen 
3. High transmittance for better contrast and colorful display
4. Easy for clean
5. Quality control

Indium-tin-oxide (ITO)
Indium-tin-oxide (ITO)


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ITO glass Coating for Glass
(Touch screen industry)

Indium-tin-oxide (ITO) ; 透明電極鍍膜
a. General ITO (high temperature): good optical transparency and low electric resistance.
b. Low etching mark ITO (low temperature): high optical penetration and low electric resistance; nearly no etching marks on ITO circuits after etching index match.

■ Products:
Touch panel, smart phone, GPS, FA, PDA, KIOSK, POS, e-book.. etc.

The Screen Grade UP after Functional Coating:
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​*** For detailed selection list of Plating and Coating processes, please refer to Plating & Coating Table