Out Mold Decoration (OMD)

Design printing pattern on thin film, then using “High Pressure Heat Transfer Technology” to directly coat and mold a transparent film (pattern layer) printed with pattern or text on plastic (or metal, glass, ceramics…etc) surface.


Out mode decoration also defines as dry paint coating process which helps to resolve the environmental problem locally and also decrease the investing cost on equipment.


OMD technology combines vision, touch and functionality processes which also enables the metalized, three-dimensional covering.

■ Methods:

 1. OMF (Forming Film)

 2. OMR (Release Film)


■ Material:

 1. Plastic

 2. Glass

 3. Metal (Mg, Al..)

 4. Ceramics

 5. Carbon Fiber

 6. Glass Fiber

 7. Wood Materials


■ Benefits:

  1. Can be used on metal and height temperature plastic forming product.

  2. Can be used on large size product.

  3. Can be coated with chamfering and the bottom of the product. 

  4. Can reach small R angle.

  5. Film surface texture can be retained.

  6. Instead of spray painting & water transfer printing to improve plastic component’s flaws (such as shrink, welding lines)

  7. Environmental issues.


■ Application:

  1. Notebook, Tablet, PC covers

  2. Game machine covers, 3C accessories and so on .

  3. Decoration of automotive upholstery.

  4. Consumer electronic covers: digital camera, hard drive, mouse, USB drive, speaker... and so on

  5. Communication products: GPS, Navigator, Radio, Smartphone

  6. Membrane switches, light switches

  7. Medical care equipment

  8. Audio

  9. Cosmetic Covers

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