MY2001 | Charger Device for Professional Trunking Radio Communication

Regulus was contracted to provide the full range of works, including: 

  • design-to-production analysis

  • production methods selection

  • alternative technologies testing

  • moulds and tools development

  • pre-production prototyping 

  • trial small production, including mechical components, electronics PCBA and batteries

  • mass quantity manufacturing, including mechanical components, PCBA, batteries and other accessories

Project Details

■ Application :Charger Device for Professional Trunking Radio Communication of TETRA 

■ Materials Applied 

1. Housing : ABS/PC, Wonderloy, Pantone 446C

2. Metal parts : 

    a) Stainless steel, SUS304

    b) Phosphor Bronze

3. Silicone & Rubber parts : Silicone, A50 RAL2007 (Luminous bright orange) 

4. PCB : Laminate, FR4 High Tg

■ Method of Production  

1. Plastic injection molding & Secondary Machining 

    1)  Plastic injection molding

    2)  Polishing

    3) Technical Polishing 

2. Silicone rubber injection molding

3. CNC Machining 

4. PCBA parts purchasing

5. PCBA assembly

■ Plating & Coating : Gold 3um ; Nickel 3um ; Zinc 6um

■ Pre-delivery Processes  

1. Paint adhesion testing

2. Product final assembly

3. Salt spray testing for final product

4. Thermal shock testing for final product

5. Vibration testing for final product

6. Low/high temperature testing for final product

7. Waterproof testing for final product

8. Programming

9. OQC control

Project Portfolio
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