Factory & Assembly Line

Regulus strictly control the quality of products to ensure compliance with all contractual specifications, mandatory regulations and quality standards.

1. High-skilled personnel

2. Wide range of production tools and jigs

3. Testing instruments

1. Solder paste automatic printing equipment

2. Automated SMD Mounting and Reflow soldering equipment

3. DIP components soldering & equipment

4. X-Ray machines for quality assurance

5. AOI, ICT equipment and instruments

6. Automated BGA rework stations

1. NCT precision technology

2. Laser processing

3. Communication chassis

4. Industrial chassis production & process

5. Customized metal production & process

1. CNC turning

2. CNC milling

​3. Small parts machining

​4. OEM Parts

1. Tetra Radio set

2. Analog radio testing devices

3. Oscilloscopes 

​and others

1. 2.5D image measuring device

2. 3D image measuring device

3. Rubber hardness tester

4. Force gauge

5. Metal hardness tester

​and others

1. Antenna analyzer

2. HF/VHF/UHF SWR analyzer

3. Battery analyzer&charger

4. Salt spray test

5. Vibration test

​and other

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Regulus Electronics Ltd.


6F, No.343, Sec.5 Nanking East Rd.
SongShan District, Taipei, Taiwan 

TEL: +886 (2) 2760 1601

Email: sales@reguluspec.com

Skype: sales@reguluspec.com






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