Electromagnetic Interference Solutions (EMI Shielding, RF shielding)

The purpose of EMI shielding is to prevent electromagnetic interference (EMI) from affecting sensitive electronics. With wide options of EMI shielding solutions, we are able to provide you with the best quality and the greatest cost effectiveness conductive gasket on the market.

EMI Gasket Production Methods:

Form In Place Gasket

a. Material: 

- Nickel/Graphite (Ni/Gr) filled silicone 

- Silver/Nickel (Ag/Ni) filled silicone

- Environmental seal silicone

b. Advantage:

- High accuracy

- High reliable seals on uneven surfaces

Die Cut Gasket

a. Material: Sheet form conductive silicone elastomer filled with nickel plated graphite particles (Ni/Gr)

b. Advantage:

- Stability in various environments

- Flexible forming to fit structure of mechanical part

Molded Gasket

a. Material: Silicone rubber with Ni/Gr conductive filler

b. Advantage:

- High electrical conductive and EMI shielding effectiveness

- Soft properties to fit structure of mechanical part

Extruded Gasket

a. Material: High elastic silicone rubber with Ni/Gr conductive filler

b. Advantage:

- Lower cost

- Higher contaminated resistance strengths

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On Board Shielding Solutions

Clamshell Gasket

a. Material:

-  Housing: aluminum alloy

-  conductive silicone gasket: Ag/Ni, Ag/Cu, Ni/Cr

b. Advantage:

-  Suitable for both low and high volume production

-  Metal frame could dissipate heat well

Plastic Shield Can

a. Material:

- Housing: plastic (ABS, PC, PC/ABS, PA, PPA, PPS ) with physical vapor deposition (PVD) metallization  (standard coating: Cu/Ni)

- Conductive silicone gasket filler: Ag/Ni, Ag/Cu, Ni/Cr

b. Advantage:

- Light weight

- Multi height selection and thin walls for maximum design flexibility

- Can could be removed easily for components reworking

Pressure Formed Plastic Can

a. Material: thermal formed metalized plastic film

b. Advantage:

- Easy to install and rework

- Cost effective

- Smaller footprint for space-constrained designs

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