PCB Assembly Line (In accordance with IPC-A-610)

FLEXIBILITY is a distinctive feature of our factory production line. With an availability of high-skilled personnel, a wide range of production tools, jigs and testing instruments, Regulus offers Total Manufacturing solutions, from PCBA to waterproof assemblies, from mechanical components assemblies to high-end TETRA digital communication programming and testing.

PCB Assembly Line 1

SMD assembly line
Programming line
Test and tuning
Tuning line
Test jigs
DIP assembly line
DIP assembly line
DIP assembly line
X-ray inspection
BGA rework station
Dispensing machine
Vacuum testing
Vacuum testing
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PCB Assembly Line 2

PCB router
PCB loader
SMD assembly line
SMD assembly line
Lead-Free Soldering
Optical inspection
AOI testing
Shielded Room
Testing line
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