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Core-Satellite System is a satellite system that integrates SMEs into large enterprises. On the one hand, SMEs (satellite factories) are committed to professional production, and can improve their own productivity by the assistance from the central factory related to just-in-time inventory management, cost rationalization, quality assurance, and other upgrading programs. On the other hand, large enterprises (central factories) can concentrate on inspection, assembly, R&D, and market development, and avoid many worries such as quality control and production control. In this way, the central factory and the satellite factory can work closely together to promote management and technology improvement, strive to improve product quality, reduce production costs, and strengthen the productivity and overall competitiveness of the entire Core-Satellite System.

With Core-Satellite System, the rules of the market have changed:

1. Consider the whole system as a unit, rather than individual enterprises;

2. From enterprise management to industrial management, and more emphasis on inter-enterprise integration, not just limited to internal management.

3. Focus on customer satisfaction, replace competition with coopetition, zero-sum with win-win, and actively strengthen the integration of supply and demand chain to meet customer needs with fast, cheap and high-quality services, and that is the source of value.

Regulus Electronics Ltd.


6F, No.343, Sec.5 Nanking East Rd.
SongShan District, Taipei, Taiwan 

TEL: +886 (2) 2760 1601





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