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Made in Taiwan
Electronics Manufacturing

Development & Production Solutions

Turnkey PCB Assembly Solutions
Turnkey PCB Assembly Solutions

PCB Assembly

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Box Build Assembly
Box Build Assembly

Navigation Satellite System

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Custom Injection Molding
Custom Injection Molding

Regulus is fully experienced in manufacturing, we provide proper solutions by evaluating all kinds of possible technical questions during development and production process. Working by customization, we set up exclusive servicing process for every Customer.

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Turnkey PCB Assembly Solutions
Turnkey PCB Assembly Solutions

PCB Assembly

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Our Capacities

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified

  • ROHS/REACH Compliant Manufacturing

  • ISO14001:2015 Environment Friendly 

  • IECQ QC080000:2017 Conformity 

  • ISO 13485, IATF 16949 Capabilities 

  • IPC Lead-Free Assembly

  • Lead (SnPb) Assembly Capabilities

  • IPC Compliant Hand Soldering

  • Selective Wave Precision Soldering 

  • BGA & MicroBGA, 0201 Assembly 

  • Conformal Coating Processing

  • Flexible Volumes Manufacturing

  • High-Mix/Low-volume; Low-Mix/High-volume

  • Mechanical parts Design, Engineering and Production

  • From prototype to Finished Product Solutions

  • Cost Optimization Through Selection of Technologies and Sourcing

  • Box-Build & Electromechanical Assembly

  • System Integration Solutions

  • Quality Control Team for the Consistent Quality Assurance

  • ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) System for Materials Planning, Purchasing, Logistics, Quality and Manufacturing Management control

  • DMS (Documents Management System) System for Technical and Managerial documentation

  • Intellectual Property Protection Through Software-Based Access and Sharing Control Management


Our company everyday operations are based on the customer-satisfaction oriented philosophy:

  • Continue to provide customer satisfaction

  • Continue to ensure the welfare of employees

  • Continue to create company development

  • Continue to shape good human relations

  • Quick and effective response to customer concerns and changing requirement.

  • Uncompromising in quality enforcement.

  • Innovation-driven in valuing value of customers.

  • Cost consciousness in developing total solution for customers.

  • Keep continuous efforts on delivering speed and flexible services to meet time-to-market competition

Industries Served

With many years in business, we gained our reputation as a reliable and professional provider of comprehensive solutions for the development and manufacturing of a wide scope of products for such industries as Wireless Radio Communications, Industrial and Consumer Electronics, Medical and Health Electronics.

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Our Solutions

Regulus is a Custom Contract Electronics Manufacturing solutions provider, we offer solutions by evaluating and simulation of all kinds of possible technical questions during the production process.  Working by customization, we set up an exclusive servicing process for each customer.

Computer Circuit Board
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Regulus offers full turn-key and partial turn-key PCB assembly services, ROHS-compliant and Leaded assembly, PCBA conformal coatings.

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We are offering PCBA and Box-build manufacturing solutions, including waterproof assembly, conformal coating and various reliability testing.

Smartphone Battery
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We offering a wide variety of high-quality batteries to the global market in three aspects: 

- primary

- rechargeable 

- ultra-low temperature

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With the wide options of EMI shielding options, we can provide you with the best quality, cost effectiveness and superb EMI shielding from affecting sensitive electronics.

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Regulus offers IPx waterproof assembly solutions for the wide range of finished products and sub-assemblies.

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Regulus offers prototype-to-mass production, complete design &  development-to-manufacturing solutions.

More reasons for you to partner with us

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Enjoy 0% import tax to USA market
High Quality & Great Value
ISO 9001: 2015 Certified
RoHS/REACH Compliant
ISO 13485 Capabilities
IATF 16949 Manufacturing
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About Regulus

Regulus Electronics is an Engineering and Manufacturing company, with 20 years of experience in Manufacturing of customized Electronics, and with strong capabilities in design, development and production of Industrial, Consumer, Healthcare and Medical products, including PCBA, mechanical structures, testing programming and tuning. 

Regulus Operations Centre @ Chicony is located in the heart of Taiwan’s Electronics Manufacturing industry –

New Taipei city, Taiwan

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